Food Lockers

Contactless Pickup

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How it Works

We change the way food is delivered

customers order

Customers order and pay for food just as they do today

place food

Their order is placed in a locker or lockers

customers QR

Customers receive a text message with a PIN and QR Code to access their order

delivery orders

Delivery Drivers use their order number as the PIN code to access their orders

Our Food Lockers

better experience

Improve restaurant operations and customer experience

help people

Help protect employees and customers

reduce congestion

Reduce counter congestion

save labor

Save labor

The H+K Solution

Restaurant customers are changing in two very significant ways. First, the global pandemic has customers placing the burden on restaurants to provide a convenient, contactless purchase and delivery experience. Second, it’s revealed that many customers prefer using technology to order and get their food. They don’t have a need, or often desire, for in-person service. We’ve designed and engineered our new Food Lockers to address this ‘new normal’ and more.

At H+K, we’ve created the universal solution. Whether a single location restaurant, or an international chain, our Food Lockers allow you to electronically assign food to lockers and have a QR code or PIN sent via text or email to your customers.